12.03.2025 / Bierhübeli


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Imagine a catchy pop gem, carried by an androgynous and haunting voice, dancing and graceful like a soap bubble, designed as an anthem to joy. PAPOOZ’s summery sounds make their way into our ears never to leave.

Their earlier entracing hit "Ann Wants To Dance" was an extraordinary success with 10 million views on YouTube with its kitschy and summery video and over 20 million streams on Spotify and served as a kick-start for the duo, who had the simplest of goals: to make music, particularly pop, the soundtrack of their lives, out of love for guitars, but above all, to make people happy.

For RESONATE, their fourth album (out 26.1.24), which began even before the release of its predecessor, Ulysse Cottin (the brunet) and Armand Penicaut (the blond) altered their composition process for the first time, seeking the collaboration of Jesse Harris, an American songwriter known for his work with Melody Gardot, Gabi Hartman, and Norah Jones. "One day," recalls Armand, "he said to us, “'Let's try writing a song together.” We got into it. By the end of the day, we had recorded a piece we adored. We repeated this process for about ten days, meeting every afternoon in Ulysse's studio, writing, playing, and recording. We had the basic structure-a beat, a bassline, a rhythm guitar-but we didn't spend too much time harmonizing or arranging the pieces. We preferred to keep the spontaneity and energy intact, that immediate creative flow, full of freshness and sexiness.

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