12.10.2023 / Electron Festival


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Electron Festival
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Copenhagen’s Anders Trentemøller has long been respected as a creator of extraordinarily memorable melodies and lush soundscapes, but for the last decade he’s been getting long overdue praise for being a producer with few rivals as well.

While many artists follow a pattern of invention and reinvention, Anders’ arc has been a series of points along the same curve, playing the long game, with each release representing the next chapter in a constantly evolving series. Contrasts and paradoxes are often explored, ultimately acknowledged in the title of his last album, Obverse. Other themes may revolve around reminiscence and remembrance, while eschewing nostalgia. His most recent release, Memoria, digs in deeper, and honors the five canons of storytelling, which also include inventio, dispositio, elocutio, and pronuntiatio. Themes of impermanence, as they relate to anything from mortality to relationships, run deep. Videos are an important part of any Trentemøller release, and Memoria’s companions both compliment it, and leave plenty of space for self-reflection and interpretation.

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