06.07.2023 / Montreux Jazz Festival

Montreux Jazz Festival
Paris-born and of Norwegian descent, French singer-songwriter and producer Aime Simone is already the author of Say Yes, Say No, a debut album recorded in Berlin, released in July 2020, which includes his gold-selling single 'Shining Light (+28M streams). An album and a track that revealed Aime Simone's music. Based on emotion, the compositions of this first album combine the finesse of pop songwriting and club music that influenced Aime during his Berlin years. A musical style Aime Simone describes as "post pop".

His new album Oh Glory, release 5.5.2023, is an introspective album, an emotional photograph that captures the incisive moments of his travels between Berlin, Los Angeles, Vienna and Paris. Aime's journey has been nourished by decisive artistic encounters (notably the American artist Sonja Fix, both his life partner and creative alter ego) but also by his fusional relationship with Berlin, a refuge city known for its artistic plurality, where he lived for several years. Like his inspirations (Billie Eilish, Yung Lean, Rosalía...) Aime Simone manages to make music that is at once pop, subtle and DIY, while sharing his creative intimacy through his lyrics and his energy on stage. All these elements are decisive pillars of the album Oh Glory. The album includes the already available single 'Baby Don't Quit’. Also included on the album are the tracks 'Answer The Night' and 'NOT WHAT YOU WANTED' released in 2021 and 2022. On the 11 songs of Oh Glory, Aime Simone uses his contrasts and creates a darkness stabbed with light.

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