02.07.2022 / Theater Augusta Raurica


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Theater Augusta Raurica
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The first French artist who set off on an international tour on 14 June 2021, Woodkid presents a brand-new stage creation for both his latest album S16, and his first epic album The Golden Age. Woodkid’s new show is a true visual and musical storm that combines technical feat and raw emotions. It is an invitation to travel, a creative and spectacular symphonic experience.

For ten years, Woodkid has woven innovative ties between different and often conflicting esthetics, playing with the transversality of all these disciplines that fascinate him, and multiplying his artistic collaborations, from Lana Del Rey to Max Richter, Drake, Nicolas Ghesquière or JR with the New York City Ballet. Last fall, Woodkid published a mesmerizing new album called S16. With his warm, reassuring and powerful voice stripped to its essence, Woodkid tends as always towards the symphonic and the creation of a complete yet intimate universe. 

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